Sunday, 26 August 2012

Projects Past: Part 6 (Jango Fett v.1)

After Wellington Armageddon in '09 I decided to start making a Jango Fett costume with the aim of joining the 501st. At that stage I was still relatively unskilled compared to today, so in most cases if I were to start again I would do things differently, however it was all part of the learning experience for me.
For the armour plates I used an expanded PVC foamboard called foamex, which is similar to sintra. Out of this I cut all the plates and then using a heat gun shaped them to fit me, and match reference pictures.

The helmet I used was a reject cast given to me by one of the 501st members I had met at Armageddon in Wellington. Because it was a reject it had many thin spots that needed reinforcing, and much of it was uneven and lumpy so needed quite a bit of work to smooth it all out.
And painted up, prior to weathering and the addition of the pinstripes around the brow

For the gauntlets I used a modified pepakura file of Boba Fett's gauntlets, which I fiberglassed and then used bondo to smooth it out.

And here is the costume that I wore to Auckland Armageddon in October of '09

It was far from brilliant, and has many elements that are missing, but was a good start and has been significantly improved since.

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