Thursday, 9 August 2012

Projects Past: Part 4 (Wearable Art '07)

In 2007 I made my final foray into wearable art. This year my entry was called 'Picasso in 3D' and was entered in the 'Off the Wall' section, for which there is no criteria that must be met, and you are free to let your creativity run wild.
I started off my doing lots of research into Picasso's art, and doing many sketches. I then started templating what the garment would look like.
The garment was made from closed-cell foam camping mats.

Cutting the foam out.

Front view (in progress)

Back view (in progress)

And all finished

This entry got runner up in its section, and back stage after the show I got a chance to see the garment that won the section up close, and it was a very well made entry that fully deserved to win.

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