Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Current Projects; Part 3 (Mass Effect)

Another project that I have had on the go for quite some time now is the N7 armour from the Mass Effect games. It started a few years back when friend who had exported the helmet model from Mass Effect 1, and put it into pepakura asked if I would be interested in test building the pep file for him to see how easily it went together. The original file he gave me was the open faced version as seen below
I then fiberglassed this helmet and began smoothing it with bog. When I fiberglassed itthe helmet got placed on it's side which caused the jaw to warp. At first I thought I might be able to fix this warping just by using bog to build up one side. But eventually decided to just rebuild the jaw.

You can see here how warped the jaw is.

While rebuilding the jaw for this I decided to add the rebreather mask to it as well.
I am much happier with this helmet now, and have since done more shaping and smoothing with bog, though don't have any current pictures of it.

I have also been working on the iconic weapon from the Mass Effect series, the M8 Avenger. I started with the templates Volpin made for his Avenger, and transfered them onto sintra. With the sintra I made several spines to help guide the shape of the gun. I then used floral foam to block out the shape of the gun, and covered it in several coats of acrylic paint to seal the foam as it is quite fragile.
The next step is to skim it with bog to smooth it out and add the detail.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Current Projects; Part 2 (Iron Man)

Another project that has been in a stage of partial completion for some time now is my Iron man Mk III chest piece. This version is the first red and gold version of the suit from the movies, and is probably my favourite of all the different movie iterations.
My intention is to eventually create a bust of this costume to use as a display piece, and so will also make the biceps, shoulders, neck and helmet pieces, as well as a light up arc reactor too.
The chest piece started off as about 50 pages of pepakura, and is currently part way through being fiberglassed for strength.