Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Projects Past; Part 9 (300 Spartan)

While at high school I had a really good friendship with one of the teachers who taught me English for two years and then Classical studies for two more. Near the end of my last year I decided to make a Spartan helmet from the movie 300, to gift to him. All up it took me less than 2 weeks from start to finish. I started by looking at reference images from the film and made a template in cardstock. The template was then transfered onto corrugated card, which was shaped and assembled with hotglue. It was then fiberglassed for strength and bog was used to smooth it out.
As with the War Machine helmet, I then sanded it, then primed it so show the imperfections, applied more bog, sanded, prime etc until it was nice and smooth.
Once it was all smoothed out to my satisfaction the final step was to paint it up so it looked used and dirty.
Again I looked at reference images to see how the weathering was done for the movies and replicated that on my helmet. I also added a blood splatter across the face for good effect.

Eventually I will revisit this and build one for myself, using what I learnt building this one, and I will add more 3 dimensional details to make it look more like it has been forged, and some scratches and gouges for battle damage.

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