Monday, 17 September 2012

Projects Past; Part 8 (War Machine Helmet)

Around the time leading up to the release of the Iron Man 2 movie I decided to make a War Machine helmet to wear to the release. I found a pepakura file for the helmet, and although it was very basic, given the amount of time I had I decided to use it.
Once I had printed it out, cut out all the pieces, and glues them together the next step was to fiberglass the card model to strengthen it.
Then the next stage was to smooth it out with automotive body filler or 'bog'. This process consisted of doing the bulk of the smoothing, then giving it a coat of primer to show up the imperfections, then apply more bog and sand, the prime, bog and sand etc.
The final step was to paint it to look like War Machine. I also cut out a segment at the back of the helmet, and used neodymium magnets to hold it in place.
From start to finish this took me about a week and a half, which shows in the final result.

At some point in the future I will revisit this build, in order to add all the details that got left out and reshape the parts of the helmet that I'm not happy with.

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