Saturday, 10 November 2012

Maori inspired Mandalorian helmet for Temuera Morrison

When I found out that Temuera Morrison was going to be attending Auckland Armageddon this year I made the decision to make a custom Mandalorian Helmet and gift it to him. I started off by doing some rough sketches to use as a guide for the designs on the helmet.

The next step was to trace the designs onto on of the casts of my custom mando helmet, then using and engraving bit on my dremel carve the design into the helmet.

I then gave the helmet a base coat of metallic grey, and hand painted the engraved details white.

After these photos were taken I replaced the visor with a better one that wasn't so wrinkled.

Tem seemed to really appreciate the helmet, and dubbed it 'Moko Fett'.

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